We've all heard chefs and food experts tout the benefits of seasonal eating. But really, in this day and age, who can say "No" to a plump, juicy strawberry in the dead of winter, or dishes featuring potatoes and onions at your summer barbecue?

In this day and age, we can get virtually any type of produce we want year-round. But there are some body-lovin' benefits we miss out on when we lose connection with the seasonal rotation of produce! Here are three important reasons to eat seasonally:

Purse by JustFab, photo by  Melissa Toms

Purse by JustFab, photo by Melissa Toms

  1. The #1 reason to eat seasonally is because food tastes better when you eat it at the right time of the year! And let's be honest, food is meant to be enjoyed. Your body is designed to take pleasure in the best that each season has to offer. And a dose of "Vitamin P" has been demonstrated to boost your metabolism!
  2. Eating seasonally fresh produce, picked at the height of its ripeness, means that you're eating foods that have enjoyed maximum sun exposure. Plants that have enjoyed more sun exposure tend to be more nutrient dense and fully developed--meaning they contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants--making them better for you!
  3. Your body's natural nutritional needs--such as the need for more Vitamin C during the winter--will be better supported by eating seasonally. Summer's bounty of stone fruits contain lots of beta carotene, which naturally protect you from sun exposure.

Aside from these benefits to your body, eating seasonally produces much more appetizing results. Winter produce lends itself to being roasted, sauteed, or thrown in a stew, which warm us up inside. Summer produce makes for better fresh, cold salads and dishes more suited to warm weather.

This guide from Sustainable Table allows you to search what produce is in season based on your State. A great tool to explore what your region has to offer at different times of the year!

How are you exploring seasonal eating in your area? Have any resources or recipes to share? Leave a comment to let me know!

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