Melinda Parrish


Melinda Parrish

28 Days to freedom is now closed!

We have reached capacity for this first round of 28 DAYS TO FREEDOM. But there will be more opportunities to participate in the future! Sign up to make sure you're on the list for the next round. 

Have questions about 28 DAYS TO FREEDOM? Here's some we've already gotten:

  1. Is this a weight loss or fitness program? No. This is a body image and mindset course that you'll undergo collaboratively with a group of like-minded women, lead by Melinda Parrish who is not a physical trainer or a nutritionist. But she is a plus size model and a woman who has overcome her own body image issues, who will be drawing from amazing resources to help you love your body and get what you need to reach your goals in 28 days!
  2. How much does the program cost? It's totally free...for now! Be sure to apply to reserve your spot! Space is very limited.
  3. What do we do in the program? You will be invited to define your own goals and outline your own plans for your body as Melinda Parrish guides you on a journey of introspection to purge negative beliefs, thoughts, and habits that are keeping you from feeling amazing about yourself!
  4. Will I lose weight? That totally depends upon you, your body, and the plan that you're outlining for yourself. You'll have the autonomy to define your own goals and chart the course to achieve them with one-on-one guidance from Melinda and the support of a community of like-minded women.
  5. Do I need to be physically fit in order to participate? HELL NO. This program is for women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. Even if you have a chronic medical condition that you feel has been holding you back, you're going to be able to walk away with everything you need to love your body and achieve your goals in just four weeks. 

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Plus Size Model | Writer | Host of Body Love TV

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