When I was approached to speak at Soul Camp in New Jersey, I could not say yes hard enough.

Soul Campers letting their best selves shine through!

Soul Campers letting their best selves shine through!

“Summer Camp for grown-ups?!?” I said, “Sign me up!”

I’ll be joining the amazing roster of speakers, coaches, experts, and healers on June 10th, 2017 to talk about “True Body Love.” But really, I’m most excited to get away for the day, unplug from technology, and immerse myself in a community of like-minded adults who are looking to bring out their very best selves through a day of play, connection, and exploration.


To me, a day in the woods based on the summer camp experience we enjoyed as children is pure genius. So I approached Michelle Goldblum, one of the co-founders of Soul Camp, to pick her brain. I had to know how she and her counterparts came up with this fantastic idea!


“As adults, we are so busy. We have so many obligations, so many to-do’s, so much to cross off our ever-building lists. We are connected to our phones, we are connected to the internet, and we are finding ourselves less and less connected to ourselves and to those around us. Our souls haven't change from our ancestors. We need connection to nature, each other and ourselves in order to survive and thrive,” says Michelle.

Michelle and the rest of the Soul Camp team have been working for the past few years to bring adults the opportunity to get away, unplug, and play, just like we did as kids.

One of the standout moments of the sleepaway camp experience is the talent show on the third night of camp, according to Michelle.

“People get up on stage and read poems or journal entries from their previous days at camp. They sing in front of an audience - sometimes for the first time ever. There are skits, there are dance acts (often performed as a bunk!), and it’s just such an incredible showcase of watching the campers rise and show up as their best, biggest self,” she says.

One of the biggest takeaways for Soul Campers is the community that is formed by each cohort. They create their “new soul friends,” or “a new tribe with whom they can have the real conversations that they've been longing to have. Who see and love them for them - not of what they do or what they might be able to provide. People leave Soul Camp with their family, and that creates the most transformative impact of all,” says Michelle.

This year, Soul Camp has expanded from the flagship 4-day, 4-night sleepaway camp experience, offered in both New York and California, to also include day-long camps in New Jersey and Chicago. So now, the experience is available to people from more locations and to those with more schedule constraints.

In the future, Soul Camp is looking to expand into camps for families, camps for teenage girls (specifically camps for kids), camps for recently incarcerated women, and day camps all over the country.

Join me at Jeff Lake Camp!

Join me at Jeff Lake Camp!

To learn more or to sign up, visit soul.camp. Join me at Jeff Lake Camp in Stanhope, N.J. on June 10, 2017 to experience the magic of Soul Camp for yourself!