Everyone can relax--I've found you the perfect bikini for 2017!

I'm absolutely obsessed with the Waiola Plus bikini from Adore Me. At first glance, I was skeptical of this suit for two reasons:

  1. It felt a little 50 Shades to me with the cage neck
  2. I'm not usually a fan of high-waisted bikinis, because they feel like costumes to me

After romping around Miami Beach in this suit, however, all of my skepticism has vanished. This is the perfect bikini for plus size women!

Swimsuit by Adore Me, Photo by  Will Shreve

Swimsuit by Adore Me, Photo by Will Shreve

I love the show-stopping cage neck design. It is a very supportive top, partly because they size it in actual bra sizes, so you get a really good fit. But also, the strap widths and lengths are just perfect to make you feel held in place but not like you're being strangled.

The high-waisted silhouette is not costume-y at all! It is modern, fresh, and wearable. I think the bottoms cut right at the smallest part of the waist, and provide just a tiny bit of compression for a very flattering effect.

And let's be honest, the lower tummy is pretty much no one’s favorite area of their body, regardless of size. So having a little coverage in this area while still being able to feel sexy and youthful is a huge plus!

What do you think of the Waiola Plus bikini? Are you trying out this or any other styles for 2017? Leave a comment and let me know!