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Dr. Marian Tanofsky-Kraff is a Professor of Medical & Clinical Psychology at the Uniformed Services University. She is an expert on eating disorders in military settings. She and I first met in the fall of 2017, when we were invited to speak on a panel about eating disorder stereotypes before congress by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).

Because of my personal experience with having an eating disorder while in the military, I was very excited to meet her and learn from her. In this interview, Dr. Tanofsky-Kraff and I discuss her research. We talk about what factors contribute to a prevalence of eating disorders within the military, and what she and others are doing to further the research in this area.

She also talks about ways we as a society can support those with eating disorders. Whether or not you’re personally impacted by the trend of eating disorders in the military, this episode will be eye-opening and informative!

Key takeaways:

  • The prevalence of eating disorders in the military

  • The fact that instances bulimia and binge eating are especially high for military members

  • Situational eating disorders, which can be brought on by a variety of factors inherent to military life

  • Why eating disorders are harder to spot in the military, and at times even encouraged for a variety of reasons

  • Why service members feel ashamed to seek treatment for eating disorders (or any medical issue, really!)

  • Why eating disorders can be not only debilitating, but actually career ending for service members

  • How genetics play a huge role in the development of eating disorders

  • Military body composition standards, and how they sometimes penalize people with more muscle mass and those that are actually more in shape

  • Solutions that the military healthcare system could consider adopting to reduce the prevalence of eating disorders in the military

  • Ways that we as a society can begin to better support our service members

Mentioned in this episode:

Uniformed Services University

National Eating Disorders Association

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