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Stephanie Nadia

Stephanie Nadia

Stephanie Nadia is an award-winning YouTuber and plus size fashion / beauty influencer. In 2013, Stephanie began sharing content. Since then, she has become an outlet for plus-size fashion, beauty, creativity, body-positivity and women empowerment.

Stephanie’s goal is to bring about more diverse representation in the fashion/beauty industry. Coming from a mixed background, Stephanie seeks to represent both her South Asian and Latin American heritage. She is hoping to empower women of all shapes, sizes, age and color to #daretolive (live creatively and spread positivity).

Stephanie’s passion for life and the brand’s vision is evident in all the content she makes. She puts intelligent ideas at the core of everything she creates, developing content that is unique, relevant, captivating, share-worthy and above all, unforgettable. Stephanie Nadia’s videos have been recognized by several brands, public figures and social platforms including BuzzFeed and Ashton Kutcher himself. She has worked with several beauty & fashion brands to bring creative collaborative content to her growing viewership. Stephanie currently has an ongoing partnership with Gwynnie Bee (modeling, reviews & video) and Shape Magazine, creating the Blush Up with Steph beauty video series for Shape’s online platform.


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Key takeaways:

●      Stephanie’s journey as an influencer, coming from the beauty world into fashion

●      Why Stephanie had a hard time acknowledging her body, and the phenomenon of disassociation

●      Princess Jasmine’s abs, and Stephanie’s journey to embrace her brown, curvy body

●      Stephanie’s Ecuadorian / Trinidadian roots, and how she grew up being told to stay out of the sun and keep her skin lighter

●      Stephanie’s love of writing and how her stories reflect her journey to accept herself

●      Why representation in the media matters, and how we can rig our feeds to help us love our bodies more

●      How Stephanie is using her writing and YouTube presence to try and showcase the economic and ethnic diversity of New York City life

●      The rise of the side hustle, and why millennials are embracing the “gig” economy lifestyle

●      How Stephanie found the nerve to step out of her comfort zone and accepting herself completely, from the inside out

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