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Dr. Jenny Conviser

Jenny H. Conviser, PsyD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in the Feinberg School of Medicine, and on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Conviser is Certified in both Sport Psychology and Child and Family Therapy. She specializes in eating and weight-related disorders, couples therapy, sports psychology and women's' health.

In this special Mother’s Day bonus episode, Dr. Conviser and I discuss the importance of self-care for moms, how to create an atmosphere at home that supports your child’s love of their body, and how to be an advocate for your child in pediatric medical settings, particularly when it comes to weight and size.

I’ve had my own challenges with my newborn daughter’s weight, and after this discussion I feel so much better equipped to navigate her healthcare! I hope you all gain as much from the conversation as I did. Happy Mother’s Day!

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of self care for new moms

  • How dieting can be detrimental to new mothers

  • Why you might not want to keep a scale in the house

  • How to be the best advocate for your child’s healthcare

  • Ways you might be passing on your own body image issues to your child

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