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Shainna Tucker

Shainna Tucker is the blogger babe behind A Thick Girl’s Closet. She started her blog in college, and it’s grown into a very successful venture where she’s gotten to work with many prominent brands, be featured in campaigns (including one with me!), and many other, tremendous opportunities as a blogger.

Shainna is a tall, thick woman of color who’s made her peace with her looks over the years. She’s got such strong, inner confidence that is infectious to anyone who meets her! And she prides herself on taking great care of herself and showing her body love regardless of her size.

Shainna is actively growing her brand on YouTube, making her health a bigger priority, and all around becoming the woman she wants to be. In this interview, we cover all that and more. There’s so much we can all learn from Shainna’s journey!

Key takeaways:

  • How Shainna got her start in the blogging world

  • What it’s like to be thick, black, and a blogger!

  • The kind of content that Shainna’s focused on putting out via YouTube

  • How Shainna’s overcome bullying and low self-confidence to become who she is today

  • How Shainna cultivates confidence for herself every day

  • Why Shainna wears whatever she wants these days

  • Mirror talk and other tools that Shainna uses on her journey to body confidence

  • Why Shainna’s made it her personal mission to show young women how to love themselves

  • Why self love is one of Shainna’s biggest priorities this year

  • Shainna’s struggle with anxiety, and how she’s overcoming it

  • Shainna’s fitness journey, her favorite ways to move her body, and how she’s sharing it on social media

  • Why size isn’t the ultimate measure of your health or your worth

  • Why you shouldn’t strive to have any other body but the beautiful one you have right now!

Mentioned in this episode:

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Shainna’s Fitness Account

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