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Kara is an insanely accomplished, empowered feminist who is also a master certified life coach and creator of the revolutionary program for feminist women, “Unf*ck Your Brain.” Kara discovered coaching, and learned how to coach herself, which has allowed her to put together the cognitive psychology that she found could rewire her brain with the feminist values that informed her life.

Kara Loewentheil, J.D. Master Certified Coach

Kara Loewentheil, J.D. Master Certified Coach

Kara has figured out how to actually match her feelings and actions to her beliefs. This has allowed her to create the feelings of confidence, worth, and independence that she wanted and had long believed she should have in every area of her life, from work, to romance, to her body. In this episode, Kara unpacks how to apply her unique methodology to helping us all to rewire our thoughts about our bodies.

The thought patterns we are caught in influence how we feel about our bodies, and the world around us, so much! I learned so much in this discussion from Kara, and her own podcast episode on this topic. Especially this time of year, this interview is a much-needed dose of reality, and empowerment, that we can all use to up-level how we view our bodies, and how we’re treating ourselves.

Key takeaways:

  • Kara’s trajectory, and how she went from super-accomplished reproductive rights attorney to life coach

  • Kara’s unique coaching technique, and the cognitive psychology-based principles to help herself and her clients rewire their thinking

  • How the patriarchy has influenced how we view our bodies, and how we treat ourselves

  • Why everything we’ve been believing about our bodies is flawed--having the perfect body will not give us everything we want in life!

  • The danger of perfectionism and on-the-wagon / off-the-wagon thinking

  • The ways we are disassociating from our bodies and committing acts of self harm as a result

  • How to replace those old, outmoded beliefs with new, positive ones

  • The key habits and beliefs you need to change to unf*ck your diet brain

  • One key step to take as you start this journey

Mentioned in this episode:

Kara’s podcast, “Unf*ck Your Brain”
The work of Isabel Foxen Duke

Kara’s “Healthy Habits” podcast episode

Kara’s “Unf*ck Your Brain” coaching program

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