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Isoke Salaam is an East Coast PR girl originally from New Jersey with private clients within fashion and the arts. When not reviewing a client portfolio, typing on an iPad and answering her cell phone while balancing in heels, Isoke practices ballet, enjoys running, writing, reading, traveling and learning about art! She is a PR powerhouse, an avid art fan and a fashion lover.

Photograph by  Maira Iqbal

Photograph by Maira Iqbal

I met Isoke when I became an advocate for the D.C. Humane Rescue Alliance and the 2017 Fashion for Paws event. I was instantly drawn to her because of her grace, her grit, and the way she exudes a certain calm, and connectedness that is so rare in busy, professional types these days! After getting to know her, I learned that she cultivates this through a daily gratitude practice (along with a lifetime of being an exceptional human!).

Isoke lives a very dynamic, jet-setting life. She is a true individual, with a very freely-chosen definition of success, and so much authenticity. It’s been a pleasure getting to know her, and developing a friendship with her. In our interview, we cover fashion, fitness, travel, self-care, and of course, a daily practice of cultivating gratitude! We can all learn something from Isoke and the fabulous life she’s created for herself!

Key takeaways:

●      Isoke’s life as a PR maven in Washington, D.C. working with clients worldwide

●      How Isoke shows her body love through movement, and her love of boutique fitness

●      Being a “non-judgy” vegetarian

●      Isoke’s adult gap year living in Paris and how she made that happen

●      What it’s like being a tall, striking, woman of color and a professional

●      Isoke’s daily spiritual practice, including her gratitude practice

●      The legacy that Isoke is working to create for herself (hint: it’s not marriage and kids)

●      The jet setting life Isoke leads, and all the countries she’s visited this year

●      The importance of creating financial freedom, and how Isoke did this for herself

●      Life lists and how to use them to create a dream experience!

Mentioned in this episode:

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Isoke’s PR business

Fashion for Paws

Isoke’s client, Cija, and her new book

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