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Jessica Torres is a body positive fashion blogger, beauty influencer, and reporter who is best known for her work with Revelist. She’s built a huge following, become a very recognizable face in our feeds, and built an amazing community around her celebration of her body, and her own standard of beauty and fashion.

jessica torres

In this interview, Jessica and I discuss her own personal journey to become body positive. Like many plus size women, Jessica grew up hiding until she got to college, when she was able to come out to the world as her curvy, confident self. Jessica stopped waiting for approval and decided to begin living her life authentically and fashionably, and sharing that with the world through her blog.

When she started working at Revelist, the visibility of her work was launched to a whole new level. Now, she’s focused on staying grounded, keeping her sense of humor, and holding space for the days when, even as a very prominent body positive influencer, she may not love her body. It’s a great reminder for all of us that body positivity is a journey, not a destination. And that journey is very individual. We can all take a page from Jessica’s playbook!

Key takeaways:

  • Growing up “closeted” as a curvy woman

  • “Coming out” curvy in college

  • How Jessica got started as a blogger

  • How Jessica uses humor to cope with the challenges of navigating the world as a curvy-bodied woman

  • Why being a plus size blogger is about way more than fashion

  • Mirror work and other practices Jessica uses to stay grounded in a culture that can make us obsessive about our appearances, especially as influencers!

  • The importance of having a community of strong, body positive women to support us on our journeys

  • How Jessica’s boldness in presenting her life, and speaking out about her experiences, has paid off big!

  • Why it’s okay to not love your body every single day

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