The Secrets to Exfoliating


The Secrets to Exfoliating

Everyone wants to get gorgeous, glowing, makeup free skin. But there are so many products and methods out there, it’s hard to know where to start. The secret to revealing more beautiful skin starts with exfoliating!

There are three great types of exfoliating products that I rely on to keep my skin looking great. Read on to learn my favorite picks, and also my pro tips for how to exfoliate properly which each!

BHA Liquids

Liquid exfoliation is all about the correct active ingredient. I like this one from Paula’s Choice. It’s not as harsh as peels and scrubbing pads, and it wears well under your everyday skincare products or makeup.

Paula's Choice BHA Liquid

PRO TIP: Always be sure to apply sunscreen if you’re using an exfoliating liquid product during the day. It makes your skin much more susceptible to scarring sunburns!

Retinol Scrubbing Pads

When you really need to get in there and wash the world away, I like these exfoliating disks from Roc. They are affordable, easy to put into a ziploc for travel, and they really leave you with fresh, glowing skin.

Roc exfoliating disks

PRO TIP: I recommend using these at night only and putting a generous coating of a gentle, non-irritating night cream on afterward.

Gel Peel Cleansers

Honey—it’s time to toss the St. Ives apricot scrub you’ve been using since middle school. Instead, try this big girl, non-abrasive peel from Bliss that is cruelty free, gentle, and leaves skin plump, clear, and hydrated!

Bliss Jelly Glow Peel

PRO TIP: This one works best if you do it in the shower, after your skin has been warmed up and steamed by the hot water for a little bit.

What are your favorite products for exfoliating? Have any tips for how to reveal your best ever skin? Leave a comment below!



Running Bras for Busty Women

If you’re one of the well endowed, then I know you’re always on the hunt for great sports bras, like me! Especially if you’re into high impact activities like running, it can be really hard to find stylish bras that fit well and keep the girls in place.


Thank you to Brooks for sending over a few great running bras for me to try! I was able to test out the Juno, the Maia, and the Uphold. I went for size 40E in these styles. I love, love, love how size inclusive the line is, and how each of these styles comes in a variety of colors and prints. How a bra looks isn’t the most important thing about it, but it really makes you feel good to wear something pretty, even to go for a run, doesn’t it?


The Juno is my favorite of the bras that I tried, particularly for running. I love how it is soft, comfortable, and doesn’t “cut” in to me, but at the same time this sucker is keeping it all in place. The fabric is breathable, so my cleavage wasn’t suffocating. This even works as a nursing bra! There are velcro tabs for adjusting the strap length, which also allow you to pop the cup down and nurse if you need to. So this was in my go-to rotation while Sammi and I were still breastfeeding. But even now, the comfort and the fit make it one of my favorite bras for high impact activity.



The Maia is probably the bra I wear most often of the three that I tried, because it is really, really comfy. It’s also very full coverage, which is really nice if you’re like me, and sweat so much in spin class that you take off your tee shirt halfway through the first hill. I have no problem wearing this bra in public by itself. I also wear this bra around under my standard mom uniform of leggings and plaid, button-front shirts. It’s that kind of material that feels like it fits even better after you wear it for about fifteen minutes, and it warms up and the fabric starts to really conform to your shape. Which I love! This bra is a great staple for anyone building their athleisure wardrobe.


The Uphold has been a challenge for me. I think just because of my shoulder anatomy, the fit is not great despite it being the same size as the other bras. I would need the straps to be longer for this one to fit comfortably. But, it is super supportive and I love the material. The crossback straps (which are a challenge for my beefy shoulders) also make it a great option for high impact, because it really holds everything in place. But the fabric is comfortable and bendy enough that it would be comfortable to wear in a yoga class.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these bras? What’s your favorite sports bra for the bustier among us? Leave a comment and let me know!