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My Healthy Makeover on this Mouth-watering Fried Chicken Recipe!

It's not a secret that I love food!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know that I'm a closet foodie! I've blogged a ton about my relationship with food, and the fact that I love to feed myself things that nourish me, inside and out. I love to feel energized, and delighted by my food.

I also really enjoy the process of cooking, because as someone in recovery from an eating disorder, it's an important part of how I affirm a healthy relationship with food today.

So many of you reached out asking for this recipe! And generally, I hear a lot about food from everyone. Which I get, because food is on my mind a lot, too! So I've decided to bring more of my food lovin' into my blogging! Starting with this recipe.

I came across this fried chicken recipe online, and decided to give it a healthy makeover!

Recipe  here

Recipe here

"Take what works for you and leave the rest," is becoming a motto of mine. And it applies to cooking, too!

I love the saltiness, the crunchiness, and the exquisite savoriness of fried chicken. But usually, I don't really enjoy how I feel after eating it. Deep fried chicken, and most deep fried foods in general, sit heavy in my stomach. And since I've been pregnant (almost 6 months along now!) I've also been having acid reflux, so I literally can't stomach deep fried food right now.

When I stumbled on this recipe, I thought, "How could I tweak this to make it food I really enjoy, that also makes me feel amazing?"

So I merged the idea of pickle-brining chicken before frying it with a more healthy approach to fried chicken, using breast meat instead of legs or quarters. The healthy approach to frying that I used is pretty similar to this one from

The results were pretty delicious. My husband loved it, too. We've been feasting on the leftovers for lunch all week!

What foods are turning you on right now? Are you doing any tweaking of your own to get what you need (and love!) from your food? Leave a comment below to let me know.