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3 Tips to Avoid Binge Eating this Holiday Season

I opened up on Body Love TV recently about how I've struggled with binge eating my whole life. By changing my beliefs about myself and my body, I've been able to overcome BED and become the woman I want to be, living at full amplitude every single day.

Now, I have a new approach to my beliefs about my body. This approach helps me to maintain my commitment to eating from a place of love and respect for my body, rather than falling back into my old cycle of bingeing and deprivation. 

Especially during the holidays, when there are triggers all around us, I rely on this new approach to keep my sanity around food. This week, I've boiled down my approach into three tips that anyone can use to avoid holiday binge eating, or body craziness in general.

The surprising thing about these tips? They have absolutely nothing to do with food. Check out the episode of Body Love TV below to learn what they are: