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Guide to Body Lovin' Food Choices!

As human beings, we are biologically hard-wired for pleasure. This definitely applies to our relationship with food, as well as--ahem--other areas of our lives.

Weight Loss for Women

Approaching food solely as fuel for your body will leave you depleted in more ways than one. And gorging yourself mindlessly on empty, processed foods will leave you bloated with empty calories, and empty moments of "enjoyment."

When you're really tapped into your love of your body, and your love of food, it's easy to make food choices that deliver true pleasure, as well as more vibrant health and well-being.

Your body knows what it wants and needs. If you're having trouble accessing your body's indicators right now, or if this sounds like woo woo mumbo jumbo to you, then it's time to reboot your approach to eating and food altogether.

This is not a detox, or cleanse, or diet plan. This is simply a framework that can help you tap into your own natural wisdom, and the wisdom of your body, when it comes to food.

I'm not a health coach, or a nutritionist, or any kind of certified expert. So please consult with a healthcare professional before implementing any of this in your life, especially if you have existing health complications.

But I hope that this guide, which I've created based on my own personal experience as a woman seeking to love her body, serves you on your journey to body lovin'!