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Lessons from Tidying Up My Closet


Lessons from Tidying Up My Closet

That’s right…I took the plunge and decided to KonMari my closet in January. I’m reflecting back on that experience to share the major takeaways! If you’re considering tidying up, or have started the process, read on!

In love with my closet after tidying up!

In love with my closet after tidying up!

Why Tidy?

I realized that I basically had three separate wardrobes. I had a lot of high end suiting and professional clothes from my days as a management consultant to Department of Defense clients. I also had a wardrobe full of sexy, beautiful clothes from being and plus size model and influencer. Then, in the past year, I have acquired a bunch of clothes that fit my lifestyle as a mom and freelancer, doing a little bit of consulting and modeling, but mostly being home with my baby and creating content from the kitchen table.

I decided to tidy because I wanted to reduce the amount of clothing I have to muddle through and get a handle on my wardrobe. I knew I had stuff to purge, but the sheer volume of clothing that I had to go through was truly shocking.

Little Black Dress Overload

Going through my clothes following the KonMari mehtod taught me a lot about my behavior as it relates to buying and selecting clothing. I realized that I don’t tend to shop my closet. My closet is more like a graveyard for clothes! Whenever I have an event or spot a new trend, I tend to buy something new. Going forward, I want to make more of an effort to know what I have, and shop from my own closet instead of always buying new clothes.

It’s Not About the Clothes

It’s never about what it’s about, right? Well this was true for my tidying experience as well. For me, clothes are a reflection of my own feelings of self worth. If I have a “cute” outfit it makes me feel like I matter as a human being.

This dovetails with a revelation I had recently on my postpartum fitness journey. I have been making an effort to re-establish some healthy habits, such as working out consistently and fueling my body with healthy, vibrant, and nourishing foods. As I’ve been doing this, I also realized that I really define my own self worth by my appearance. The reason I was having trouble sticking to a healthy routine is because on some deeper level, I didn’t believe that I was worthy of a healthy lifestyle because of my size.

The same is true, I’ve realized, with my wardrobe. I have been harboring very deeply rooted shame about my body for a long time. I would wager most women grapple with these feelings, even those who have a “good” body. But as a plus size woman, you had better believe that my self image was suffering!

Nothing about my body has changed after applying the KonMari method to my wardrobe. But through this process, I realized that my negative feelings about myself were driving me to buy excessive amounts of clothing. I haven’t perfectly eradicated all these feelings, but I’m exploring them through therapy and self-reflection. Now, when I get the itch to make a purchase, I know to interrogate my feelings instead of adding things to my online shopping cart. I’m hoping that I can kick my shopping-to-mask-feelings-of-inadequacy habit once and for all!

Now that my closet is organized, I want to move on and tackle the other areas covered by the KonMari method. Stay tuned for an update!


This is what the #healthyatanysize movement is all about!


This is what the #healthyatanysize movement is all about!

For years we've all been told the same things:

Melinda Parrish, creator of the #healthyatanysize movement.

Melinda Parrish, creator of the #healthyatanysize movement.

  • Eat less
  • Eat less sugar
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle
  • Hit the treadmill

These things are the key to having a body you love. Because loving your body is all about changing your body, right? But what if I told you that you've been lied to?

What if I told you that behind these messages is a billion dollar diet industry that wants to keep you locked in a perpetual pursuit of a "perfect" body? A definition of perfection that doesn't exist without expensive surgery, supplements, and access to an arsenal of nutrition and fitness professionals.

The key to transforming your relationship with your body is actually something much, much simpler. It doesn't come in a pill form or require you to subscribe to a weekly workout regimen. The secret to loving your body isn't changing your body--it's changing how you feel about your body!

Once you do this, you can learn how to really take care of your body, not just grind it out in pursuit of an unattainable standard of perfection.

I'm Melinda Parrish, a plus size model and body positivity advocate. I'm also a lifelong athlete and former Naval Officer. I went on my first diet at the age of 7.

I’ve had food issues since I can remember, and I've struggled with binge eating disorder and bulimia. For years, I beat my body up trying to become the kind of woman I thought I needed to be in order to love my body, and have a life I loved.

I treated my body this way for decades. After multiple back surgeries, my disordered behavior around eating, and trying every diet under the sun, I've learned that the old way--the way we were brought up believing--is a lie.

We need a revolution!

This isn't just about liking what we see in the mirror. Feeling bad about your body as a woman can hold you back in every single area of your life.

Studies have found that 85% of women are opting out of life experiences because of how they feel about their bodies. This is a Body Love crisis!

You were not put on this earth to stand on the sidelines of your own life, waiting to be good enough to get in the game and start living it.

Stop fixating on changing your body. Transform how you feel about your body instead! So that you can step into the life of the woman you have always dreamed of becoming, and have a relationship with your body based on love, respect, and appreciation. Not self-loathing, fear, and deprivation.

Holding back on life can stop right now, today. Ditch your hang-ups with your body, and start living at full amplitude!