There’s a lot of hype out there about “self care” right now, much of it designed to make you buy stuff. And while certain products can definitely enhance your self care game, the truth is that you need very little. Read on to learn two truths and a lie about what self care is (and isn’t). 


Truth #1: Self Care Requires Time

This is probably the single most important thing to know about self care. You need to take some time to care for yourself!

If all you do is lie on the bed for a few minutes, tuning out all other distractions and breathing deeply, you are practicing self care (and doing it amazingly well, I might add). 

It all starts with carving out that time for yourself! The rest is really window dressing. 

Truth #2: Self Care is About Feeling Your Feelings

All the different methods, products, and rituals that you hear about when people are talking self care are different ways to help you take that important time to tune everything out and focus on yourself. 

So once you’re there, what should you focus on? Self care is basically time that you take to process the events of your life, and the feelings associated with them. 

When you’re moving a million miles a minute, it’s easy to bypass emotions and keep deep, emotional moments of introspection at bay. While you may prefer this, it’s really not healthy. That’s why self care is important. It’s sanctioned time where you are giving yourself the space to feel your feelings! 

The Big Lie: Self Care Isn’t About Stuff

As you become a more experienced practitioner of self care, you’ll probably find the tools and products you like best to support your self care rituals. But really, self care isn’t about loading up on expensive stuff. 

We already established that self care is basically your scheduled time to feel your feelings. Well, when you do that, it’s also important to be kind to yourself and nurture yourself. That’s why people love to incorporate things like essential oils, teas, massage, skincare treatments, and other ways I’d treating themselves nicely into their self care routine. 

Self care is definitely designed to leave you feeling better! So don’t be afraid to pull in things that you like to do for yourself. Just remember that’s not the entire point of practicing self care! 

What do you think? Do you agree with these ideas about self care? How do you practice self care? Leave a comment and let me know!