It’s America’s birthday tomorrow!
On July 4th, it’s common for us to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as a society, and express appreciation for those that have made sacrifices--like members of the miltiary--to protect and defend our freedom.

Swimsuit by Swimsuits for All

Swimsuit by Swimsuits for All

As a Navy Veteran, I’m fully in support of this type of display of patriotism!
But celebrating and expressing gratitude for our freedom is not the ultimate way to show appreciation. Taking full advantage of the freedom available to you by living in a completely liberated way IS!
If you're feeling obligated to constantly deprive yourself, engage in self-flagellation, or mutilate your body to meet someone else’s standard of perfection, that’s not freedom.

If you're feeling constrained in your choices about what you can do, eat, or wear due to your size, that’s not freedom.

If you're putting your dreams, aspirations, or goals on the back burner because you don't feel like you're "enough," that's not freedom.

If you’re compromising your own needs, boundaries, or desires for someone else, that’s not freedom.

If you’re allowing other people to hurt you, take advantage of you, or disrespect you, that’s not freedom.

If you really want to show your gratitude and your patriotism, let go of the shackles that you’ve placed on yourself and GET FREE this July 4th.