Listen, women of all sizes encounter body shaming or unkind remarks. Especially when we're wearing swimwear!

Whether it's on the basis of age, skin color, phase of life, or size, there are people in this world that just like to hit you when you're vulnerable. And being in public in a bathing suit is definitely a moment where women are vulnerable, especially to criticism about their appearance.

Get this swimsuit from Swimsuits for All, available  here ! Photo by  Will Shreve .

Get this swimsuit from Swimsuits for All, available here! Photo by Will Shreve.

Here are three important things to remember if someone body shames you in your bathing suit this swim season:

  1. It's not about you--this is their stuff, not yours! They're uncomfortable with your fabulousness because of their own baggage, not because of how you actually look or don't look in your swimsuit.
  2. Take pity on them! The person who is shaming you is actually in pain, and this is their horribly misguided way of asking for help. Be the better person and respond to their cruelty with kindness!
  3. Nobody else's opinion about your body, and how you choose to dress it, matters. The only opinion that matters is yours, so if you feel great and love what you're wearing, then just let those hurtful comments go and enjoy yourself!

Any time we choose to flaunt our love for our bodies in public, we run the risk that others might not like it. That doesn't mean we should change what we're wearing, or how we're behaving. It just means to prepare yourself for the unpleasant and choose to have a fabulous summer anyhow!