As someone who is committed to living a healthy lifestyle at any size, I’m always trying to stay abreast of the latest trends in the fitness and healthy lifestyle world! Although I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I am definitely a fan of taking advantage of everything my city has to offer when it comes to new, innovative, and experiential ways to take Fitness or “Fitty” Breaks in my hometown.

I’ve scoured D.C. for the top five fitness trends in D.C. for 2017! All of these #fitnessbreaks options allow for the chance to try the newest fitness methods, or to maximize your enjoyment of your workout experience, while also taking advantage of the monumental setting of our Nation’s Capital.

1. High-intensity, Low-impact: [solidcore]

[solidcore] has been around for a few years, but now it is safe to officially pronounce this D.C.-based fitness chain part of a trend. There are more high-intensity, vaguely pilates-based studios popping up all over the country, but [solidcore] is the one-and-only place to go if you want to absolutely crush your fitness goals in 2017. Check out any one of their five studios around the District. My favorite is the Adams Morgan location on Columbia Road, where you can take class with [solidcore] founder Anne Mahlum. But sign up in advance, her classes book out for weeks!

[solidcore] putting me through it, photo by Caroline DeSantis

2. Shop where you Sweat: s3 Active

D.C.’s Union Market is the destination dining and shopping in Washington, D.C. Now, you can sweat where you shop with fitness studio s3 Active in Union Market’s pop-up space, Lab1270. s3 Active isn’t the first to mix your fitness and shopping experience--national chain LuluLemon has been doing this for several years--but s3 has created a truly unique, community-based experience in their here today, gone tomorrow pop-up at one of D.C.’s most explosive new destinations.

s3 brings in various fitness instructors from around the D.C. area, such as Nya Alemayhu, to teach classes in their space on weekends. This is a truly post-industrial space complete with gnarly concrete floors and cement walls--so if you’re stopping by for a class in the winter, you might want to bring an extra layer of clothes, and a pad to lay down under your yoga mat.

3. Running Tour: Monument Run D.C.

The Monument Run is a tried-and-true method to work up a sweat and get in your obligatory pass of the National Monuments that are scattered across the Mall, at the mouth of the Tidal Basin and the Potomac River.

A Monument Run includes stop-offs at these key destinations:

Lincoln Memorial Vietnam

Veterans Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Reflecting Pool

World War II Memorial

Washington Monument

White House

U.S. Capitol Building

Smithsonian Museums

You can do this run solo, or sign up for a group experience with DC by Foot. Check out my Spotify for some of my favorite tunes to listen to while completing a Monument Run!

Frolicking around the Lincoln Memorial, photo by Caroline DeSantis

4. HIIT it, don’t quit it: Elevate Interval Fitness

Interval training is a great way to get yourself into shape. Once a pretty esoteric term that only made sense to the fitness elite, interval training is now more democratized through studios like Elevate Interval Fitness, that offer classes to the masses. No PhD in physiology required--just come well-hydrated and prepare to work up an intense sweat, and feel an amazing post-workout high! And for first-time students, you can get the Elevate experience free of charge.

5. Spin City Fusion: Biker Barre

While there is no shortage of spin class studios in D.C., and many other U.S. cities, Biker Barre is one-of-a-kind. The founders of Biker Barre, Jane Brodsky and Katie Geffken, have figured out how to double your options for how to work up a killer sweat in a single studio space! They offer both Spin and Barre classes in their Capitol Hill fitness studio, just steps from the power center of our Nation and the free world! Unlike many other spin studios, the Biker Barre experience is less about light shows and EDM music, and more about real people working up a righteous sweat to music-driven workouts, with a refreshing, real world edge.