So I'm on week 27 of my pregnancy, and about 10 days ago I notice a little rash starting to develop around my mouth. At first, I thought it was just a little pregnancy acne popping up, which I had a fair bit of during my first trimester.

But the red bumps didn't seem to be turning into whiteheads. And I noticed when I began applying my usual go-to pimple treatment, tea tree oil, that the skin started flaking and peeling. So this was clearly something different.

A little googling got me to the answer: pregnancy eczema. Apparently, there's a statistically significant number of women who have an eczema outbreak for the first time during pregnancy.

SOURCE: @melparrishplus on Instagram

SOURCE: @melparrishplus on Instagram

If it were any other place on my body, I'd probably just brush it off, chalk it up to pregnancy weirdness, and keep stepping. But it's front and center on my face, so it's hard to ignore. And of course, like so many things in pregnancy, it's not really treatable with any conventional medicines. So I was at a loss for how to address it!

But I put it out to all my gorgeous followers to share their solutions for this little blip on the pregnancy radar. And like always, you guys came through with great suggestions! 

@jjakopic suggested oatmeal. She said bathing in a tub with a sock full of oatmeal is a good, natural treatment for eczema. I turned to Pinterest and found a face mask version of this suggestion.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed, via Pinterest

SOURCE: Buzzfeed, via Pinterest

I wasted no time taking this mask for a whirl. Photos below!

I'll be sticking with the mask for the next few days. The recipe makes more than enough for multiple applications! I'll keep you posted on my Instagram to let you know how it goes.

What about you? Have you dealt with this, or any other weird pregnancy skin issues? What treatments worked for you? Leave a comment below to let me know!