Pregnancy is an amazing experience! As I've navigated the past six and a half months of pregnancy, I've found that a few key items have helped me stay feeling like my fun, fashionable self, even as my body changes!

Here is my guide to staple pieces to add to your style repertoire, trimester-by-trimester!

First Trimester: Maternity Denim

For your first pregnancy, weeks 8 - 16 are what I like to describe as the "burrito baby" phase, when your belly is not pronounced enough to really look like a baby bump, but you're definitely not feeling like your normal self. If you live a lifestyle where you can get by with mostly yoga pants and / or flowy dresses and skirts, you might not need any additions to your wardrobe during this phase of pregnancy. 

For me, the first time I really noticed my body changing was when I went to zip myself into my favorite pair of jeans at about 8 weeks. I was just big enough that it was uncomfortable to zip them fully, and it didn't feel right to wear them that snuggly across my lower belly, because there's a little baby in there! So I went into maternity denim at this stage.

Maternity denim is, frankly, kind of awesome. You basically get the look of skinny jeans with a big, comfy band that goes over your belly. I opted for a pair of gray, skinny jeans, because I didn't want to have to buy seven pairs in every shade of blue, white, and black. I wanted a "workhorse" pair that would go with just about everything, and be dressed up or dressed down easily.

gray maternity denim

Mom Jeans


Be polished and comfy in maternity denim!

Second Trimester: Maternity Band

Once I entered the second trimester and my belly really started to pop out, which was around week 16-17, I started getting round ligament pains. Those are the aches you get in the sides of your belly, as you start to expand. I also had moments where I distinctly felt like my belly kicked out a full inch at a time.

I would get up from being seated, and feel this distinct need to let my belly expand. As that happened, I also noticed a dull, persistent pain in my lower back begin to set in. As someone who has undergone several major back surgeries and worked really hard to get to a place where I am able to live with no or very little pain, I was not having that.

I invested in a maternity band from Blanqi and it's one of the best purchases I've made this whole pregnancy. It gives your body support as your belly is expanding, and it take some pressure off of your lower back as you start to feel that popping out begin to occur. I opted for a nude color, that wears well under virtually anything. But it also comes in black and white.

Blanqi Belly Band

Belly Band

Give your back & body support as your belly expands!

Third Trimester: Silicone Wedding Bands

Right at six months, I noticed it was getting really tough to take my wedding rings on and off. I normally take them off over night to clean them, but each morning it felt like I was stuffing a sausage back into its casing to get those things to slide on! At exactly 24 weeks, I noticed my finger was turning purple, even when I did manage to get them on.

I love my rings, and for me, they've become an integral part of how I style myself on a daily basis. But I knew that I wasn't going to be able to wear them for the duration of the pregnancy! So instead, I've opted for a fun, fashionable, and versatile alternative to carry me through the third trimester.

These silicone rings from Egnaro come in a variety of colors, and for only $12 I got a set of six to mix, match, and wear in different combinations so that I can have fun with the fact that I'm not wearing my traditional diamond ring and band.

Silicone Wedding Rings

Silicone Wedding Bands

Mix & match for different looks!

What do you think about these maternity style essentials? What pieces have been most helpful in getting you through pregnancy? Leave a comment to let me know! Shop all of these pieces on