Originally published on April 7, 2016 on the Huffington Post.

The only way out of feeling badly about your body is through it.

I don’t mean wallowing in your negative feelings about yourself, but rather interrogating them with the intention of disproving those beliefs that have become hard-coded into your mindset.

Photo by  Elina Khachaturyan , hair by  Christine Poindexter , clothing by  Fabletics .

Photo by Elina Khachaturyan, hair by Christine Poindexter, clothing by Fabletics.

Beliefs like:

“I’m not disciplined enough”
“I’m too lazy”
“I can’t be happy at this weight”
“My thighs are too big”
“Fat girls don’t get to have happy relationships”
“If I work out, that means I don’t love my body as it is”
“I’m too fat to do yoga”
“Change is too hard for me”
“I don’t finish things”

Most of us have a never-ending track of negative thoughts that play on loop in our heads. We’re not always conscious of it, but the minute we decide that we want to start transforming how we feel about ourselves, we can start to become more aware of these thoughts and where they came from . . .

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