Originally published August 26, 2016 on the Huffington Post.

We all have a story about our bodies, whether we realize it or not.

Photo by  Nick Suarez . HMU & Styling by  Georgia Mitropoulos .

Photo by Nick Suarez. HMU & Styling by Georgia Mitropoulos.

When I saw this picture of myself come back in the raw photos from my shoot with Nick Suarez, the negative story I’ve been carrying with me about my body for most of my life came to the forefront.

“UGH, I hate my body! I wish my arms and shoulders were more slender!” I thought. “I HATE that my thighs touch in the middle, I wish I had the thigh gap that skinny girls I have.”

This is absolutely crazy, right? I’m a plus size model, and a body positivity advocate―what the heck is my problem if I can’t love my own curves?
Those thoughts are not the truth about me, and that story isn’t the one at the forefront of my mind on most days. But there’s nothing like un-retouched images of yourself to bring your nasty, old story about your body to the forefront . . .

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