Originally published March 18, 2016 on the Huffington Post.

Perfection is a myth that keeps us trapped in a negative cycle with our bodies. I no longer worry about being perfect in the way that I work out.

As I was trying to get back into a workout routine following my second back surgery, I would adopt a new workout routine and then quit because I was so focused on doing it exactly right. I would often find it was legitimately beyond my strength and ability level. Because my perfectionist goals were too ambitious, I wouldn’t be able to get through the workout, or I’d injure myself in an attempt to do so, or I would just plain lose motivation and quit. That produced a sense of shame that kept me from wanting to get back at it once I had given myself a few days off. So a few days became a few weeks, or a few months—then, I was back to square one . . .

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