To me, denim is the unofficial uniform of the Creative Class.

Denim began as an industrial fabric for the Cowboys, the Miners, and the Laborers who took on the gnarly jobs that kept society moving. Nowadays, we move our society forward through great creative works that defy norms, break barriers and move us forward.

If you're a woman who is working to make her dreams come true, you want your jeans to be a blank canvas that you can project your personal style onto. I love the simplicity of black denim because it works for almost any occasion and can stand up to dirty subway seats, soot, and the wear-and-tear of time, all while looking classy, timeless, and stylish.

The Lucy Jean from Simply Be is designed for women who are doing, making, and innovating. When you're hustling to make your dreams come true, you don't have time for multiple outfits in a day. I love it in black because I can take it from the city streets to an upscale spot, from day to night, seamlessly. 

As women, we want to wear clothes that hug our curves and make us feel beautiful, feminine and empowered. We also need to be able to move our bodies and feel comfortable in order to live at full amplitude. This jean gives us that.

You deserve a life you love. You deserve jeans that fit amazingly. You deserve a wardrobe that lets you #ShowUsYourSASS! Get out there and make it happen.