You are the only one who can decide what is best for your body.

Keeping it spicy at Bulthaup DC

Keeping it spicy at Bulthaup DC

There are many who may try to impose their own standards for your body on you. They’ll use words like “healthy” and “right” to describe your eating and lifestyle choices.

But frankly, that’s B.S. What you eat, and how you choose to show your body love through movement (or not) don’t make you a better person. And those choices have surprisingly less bearing on whether or not you’re actually “healthy” than the billion-dollar diet industry would have you believe.

You can be fat and still be a good person. You can be fat and still be (actually) “healthy.” Your worth is not determined by your size. You’re not “good” when you eat small portions and you’re not “bad” when you reach for another helping of potatoes, or a second (or fifth) glass of wine.

But regardless of what others think about your body, and how you take care of it, it’s up to YOU.

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