Did you see that Matel has made a Barbie honoring Ashley Graham?

This is SO GREAT! I'm happy for Ashley and curvy women everywhere, that we are being represented. If you haven't already, hop over to Ashley's IG and show her some love for being a pioneer for curvy women!

Let's celebrate what this means for curvy women--but also, remember that the point is for us ALL to feel like our own Barbie, not to replace one ideal of feminine beauty with another.

If looking at a Barbie doll with a perfect hourglass shape makes you feel like your body isn't good enough the way it is, that's no better than looking at an uber-thin Barbie and feeling inadequate.

Maybe you were born with a perfect hourglass shape like Ashley. Maybe you weren't. Either way, YOUR body is perfect just as it is! YOU can be your own ideal!

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