If you were to add up how much of your time, energy, and resources you’ve spent on diet plans, programs, pills, potions and other diet-related products over the course of your lifetime, what do you think that total would be?



I did this for myself and the results were pretty depressing. Like, down payment on a house / new car depressing. And I’m not alone in that. The diet industry is a $20 Billion dollar per year racket, and 85% of the consumers in this industry are women.

Especially this time of year, we tend to get a little nutty about food. Most people blame it on the availability of Halloween candy, Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING, and big holiday gatherings centered around food. And yeah, all that emphasis on food during the holidays makes it a bigger focus area for everyone.

But if you’re like me and have been a serial dieter, then it’s not really about the holiday meals, or the candy, or the food, or even your family members that drive you to want to eat your feelings: it’s about feeling like you’re not enough because of your size. And during the holidays, it feels like the rest of the world is conspiring to keep you stuck in your fat, miserable life.

“Don’t do that to me,” you think, when you walk into the office and someone has brought in baked goods, or your mom sets that tempting platter of potatoes down on the table, right in front of your seat. Even if you manage to resist the allure of those foods in the moment, you invariably end up shotgunning donuts in secrecy, or standing in front of the fridge in your pajamas, inhaling leftovers.

Girl, enough! Shouldn’t this holiday season be different? Shouldn’t you be free to release the obsession with food and enjoy everything else this time of year has to offer, like everyone else?
The truth is that you have the perfect body already, and you’re already enough for the life of your dreams! You can be the woman that you want to be, and live at full amplitude, regardless of your size!

And one Pumpkin Spice Latte or scoop of potatoes isn’t going to kill you. So ease up on yourself, enjoy all the delicious things the season has to offer--because whether you lose 5 pounds or gain 15, you are good enough for the life of your dreams regardless of your size. 

Your size doesn’t determine whether or not you get to become the woman that you want to be. Only you get to do that, and you can choose to embrace your body as it is RIGHT NOW and get on with becoming that woman, rather than wasting your precious time and energy obsessing about the foods you are or are not “allowed” to have.

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