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Keyaira (Key) Boone is a freelance writer, blogger, and all around great human who also created She’s set out to carve out a space for herself online where she can share authentically about who she is, what she loves, and the things that are important to her, inspiring us all in the process!

Like so many of us, Key has always wanted to have a voice, and create a platform for herself, but she’s struggled with the idea of being an “influencer,” and commodifying her personality. This includes being authentic about having more than one source of income and having to “side hustle” to make ends meet as an aspiring media maven.

Key is super well read, and I follow her book recommendations via Instagram religiously. When I shared on social media that I had been placed on modified bed rest earlier in my pregnancy, she reached out to offer me some book recommendations. We decided to share the list and our discussion about them with all of you! Along with that, we discuss just about everything from latte art to the importance of being a good community member. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy getting to know Key as much as I have!

Key takeaways:


  • Resisting the urge to commodify your personality in order to have a voice

  • Keeping it real about you side hustle(s)

  • Key’s recent piece in Allure magazine

  • Key’s reaction to Kelly Augustine’s interview on the podcast

  • Key’s book recommendations for the #healthyatanysize community in 2018

  • Key’s personal takeaways on each book

  • Keeping it real on social media, pimples and all!

  • Why being attractive is not the ultimate measure of your worth

  • The importance of being active in your community, and Key’s magazine drive for local hospital patients

Mentioned in this episode:

Keyaira’s blog,

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Key’s piece in Allure magazine

Kelly Augustine’s episode of the Healthy at Any Size podcast

Track 5 Coffee and Key’s Turkey Latte

The reading list Key put together for me and the rest of the #healthyatanysize community!

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