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Meaghan O’Connor was working for a hedge fund when she got laid off during the economic downturn of the early 2000’s. She went from sobbing on Lexington Avenue to thriving as a celebrity fashion stylist, working with major brands and celebrity clients, and living the life of her dreams.


Meaghan figured out a way for herself to both make money and enjoy her life pretty quickly. By throwing her head, her heart, and her hustle behind her brand, Little Lime Dress, her business has evolved from a personal shopping service that she advertised on Craigslist to dressing some of the most recognizable plus size (and not) women in the entertainment business.

Throughout her journey to become the Lady Boss she is today, Meaghan has stayed true to who she is, and tight with her family. No matter what setbacks or obstacles she’s encountered, Meaghan has always found a way to rise above by drawing on her optimism, humor, and creativity. She’s working every day to be the best version of herself she can be, and make the world a better place, particularly for plus size women. Who wouldn’t want to emulate that?!

Key takeaways:

  • Megan’s own journey to become a Lady Boss

  • Her journey from sobbing on Lexington Ave to thriving as a celebrity stylist

  • Growing Little Lime Dress from a personal shopping service advertised on Craigslist to on-set and celebrity styling business

  • Meaghan’s yearly “dream client list” and how she keeps herself going when the going gets tough

  • The women that have inspired Meaghan throughout her life

  • The importance of family in building your Lady Boss legacy

  • What it’s like to be driving change in the fashion industry to make things more inclusive for plus size women

  • How to cultivate positivity on a daily basis, and Meaghan’s personal daily mantras for positivity, inspired by the memory of her mother

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