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Nina Elliot and her husband Christian are the husband / wife duo behind True Whole Human. Nina balances her pursuit of a healthy lifestyle with her business, homeschooling her four children, and being the all-around awesome woman that she wants to be.

Photo provided by  @truewholehuman

Photo provided by @truewholehuman

Nina, like many of us, experienced weight gain in her early adult years which took her on a journey of self-discovery, research about “whole” foods, and ways of exercising that felt good for her body. She’s lived this journey, and today she shares with us what she’s learned along the way.

We dive into maternity and postpartum fitness and body image, the “cow share” that Nina and her husband participate in, and the importance of healthy habits in helping Nina to achieve food freedom for herself and her clients. In our conversation, we dispel so many diet myths and Nina downloads some quick, practical things we can all do to move towards healthier living in 2018. Nina’s story, and this interview, are great food for thought for those of us heading into the New Year and formulating goals related to our bodies and our health.

Key takeaways:

  • Nina’s personal journey with weight loss

  • The beginning of True Whole Human

  • Nina’s postpartum fitness journey

  • Why real food is so important to making a health transformation

  • How to override the need for willpower with healthy habits

  • One easy, daily thing we can all do to kick-start healthier habits in the New Year

  • Health “experiments,” and why you should do them one at a time

  • How Nina and her husband approach transformation for their clients

  • The Health Audit and where to find it

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