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Kelly Augustine is one of the leading voices in the body positivity and plus size fashion conversation right now. Recently, she was featured in a national television & print #thenewskinny campaign for Lane Bryant, which only solidifies her rank as one of the most influential bloggers in this community!

Kelly Augustine

In this episode, Kelly and I discuss the importance of us using our voices as women, particularly with all the political turmoil we’ve experienced as a nation this past summer. Kelly is very outspoken, and does a great job voicing her opinion while keeping her message and overall presence positive, empowering, and inclusive.

The conversation about our bodies, and how we as women should be treated in the world, is more important now than ever before. Kelly shares how she’s navigating the conversation, the importance of choosing your words wisely on social media, and where she’s finding inspiration and positivity these days.

We also cover the increasingly blurred lines between models slash bloggers, her making the leap to freelancing, and why more brands need to start featuring visibly plus size women in their campaigns. And Kelly shares all her go-to resources for information, fashion, beauty, and inspiration!

There’s so much to learn from Kelly that we as women can all apply to our everyday lives.

Key takeaways:

  • Kelly’s recent Lane Bryant #thenewskinny campaign and her success as a plus size fashion blogger

  • How the political turmoil of the summer has impacted the conversation we’re having about our bodies as women

  • What influencers like Kelly are doing to infuse more positivity into the world during heartbreaking world events

  • The importance of using our voice as individuals to comment on troubling world events

  • Choosing our words carefully when it comes to the content that we put out into the world

  • Being over 30 in the modeling industry, and the increasingly blurred lines between being a blogger / influencer and a model

  • Why more brands should be featuring more body diversity, and showcasing visibly plus size women, in their campaigns

  • Kelly’s go-to brands for information, fashion, beauty, and inspiration

  • The importance of protecting our sanity in this age of information overload

Mentioned in this episode:

Kelly’s Lane Bryant #thenewskinny campaign

Vice’s coverage of the Charlottesville tragedy

Models slash influencers Alex LaRosa, Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham, Philomena Kwao

Eloquii’s extended sizing lookbooks, the launch of Preme, Asos’s representation of visibly plus size models, and Glossier’s range of skin tones

Kelly’s “go-to” brands for information, fashion, beauty, and inspiration: Elvi, NYDJ, Asos, Fashion to Figure, Refinery29, Glossier

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