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Many of us fall victim to the “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to our efforts to lose weight, or get healthy. As someone in recovery from perfectionism, from multiple back surgeries, from an eating disorder, and from subscribing to other people’s standards for my body, this is something I’ve had a great deal of personal experience with.

Healthy at Any Size

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I was a perfectionist, I probably would have said, “fuck no.” I didn’t see myself as a perfectionist because I thought that being a perfectionist means that you are perfect. But I began to slowly recognize the ways that I was sabotaging my own success by holding myself to incredibly high standards.

In this episode I share my own personal journey to acknowledge, and overcome, my own perfectionism. I’ve learned how to harness my tendency to set really aggressive goals, and hold myself to a very high standard. Now, it’s your turn!

Key takeaways:

  • Episode 002, with Robyn Downs, brought up this topic and is an excellent primer for this topic!

  • Trying too hard to do things perfectly means you sometimes don’t do them at all

  • Perfectionists aren’t necessarily people that are “perfect”

  • Unrealistic standards of body “perfection” are perfectionist kryptonite

  • The hard fall from “badass” female athlete to a gimp recovering from back surgery

  • The start / stop, perfectionist method to recovering from multiple back surgeries (not recommended)

  • The nasty things we tell ourselves when we don’t attain perfection

  • Internalizing “failure” to achieve perfect standards robs you of the chance to make gradual improvement

  • Experimentation and failing forward are key to creating a life, a routine, and an experience that feels good to you

  • Perfection doesn’t enable your success, it can actually hinder it!

  • How I’ve managed to harness my perfectionist tendencies to create positive change

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