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Robyn Downs

Robyn Downs is the researcher, educator, storyteller and mama behind her blog, Real Food Whole Life and The Feel Good Effect podcast!

She is a working mom and a woman in the real world who is trying to balance the demands of her life with creating a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

In this episode, Robyn shares her own personal journey to creating this healthy balance. She encourages us all to examine our goals in a different way, to let go of perfectionism, and to infuse all of our self-improvement efforts with an oft-overlooked success factor: self-compassion!

Key takeaways:

  • Robyn’s journey to a healthy pregnancy, and getting healthy during early mom life

  • By walking away from something, you give yourself the space to say yes to something else

  • Taking those small steps builds momentum to be able to say, “this isn’t serving me anymore”

  • The two main challenges for women trying to live a healthy lifestyle

  • Moving away from someone else’s prescriptive plan of perfection

  • Setting incremental goals as opposed to always aiming for perfection

  • Living with that shame spiral and guilt of not being able to achieve “perfection”

  • Self-compassion as jet fuel for your transformation

  • Changing your mindset so that you can actually be happy right now!

  • Modeling the behavior we want our children to exhibit when it comes to how we talk about our bodies

  • Cutting ourselves off from any influences (magazines, social media, etc.) that feed our negative self-perception

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