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Danika Brysha is a curve model with IMG models, food and wellness personality, and the founder and CEO of Model Meals, a healthy meal delivery company. She is also incredibly attuned to her body, its needs, and the constant pursuit of self-improvement.

IMG Model and Model Meals Founder, Danika Brysha

IMG Model and Model Meals Founder, Danika Brysha

On her journey to her best self, Danika has battled substance abuse, disordered eating, career highs and lows, and finding her true purpose. She’s come out the other side of that journey as a model (and model human being!) who loves her body, her life, and her business. That’s something we can all aspire to!

In this interview, Danika and I talk about how to engineer your life to bring about your own best self! From your morning routine, to loving your body, to positive affirmations, to putting your big goals into motion, Danika has so much wisdom and inspiration to share! This is the perfect shot-in-the-arm of self-reflection as we near the end of 2017, and begin contemplating our resolutions for 2018.

Key takeaways:

  • Danika’s start in the modeling world

  • Danika’s first introduction Whole30, which drastically changed the course of her life and her career

  • Moving home to California and formally launching her business, Model Meals

  • Finding the balance between self-improvement and self-care

  • Why you can truly be healthy at any size

  • The importance of unscheduled / down time

  • How Danika built her passion into a thriving business

  • Why feeling your feelings is the key to navigating the world as your best self

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