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If I had to quantify my investment in diet and weight loss products in the past ten years, I would estimate that it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000. In this episode, I share the nitty gritty details of how I got to that number, and how it adds up quicker than you might realize!

Cassie Parks

Cassie Parks

You might be shocked by that number. You might think, “That will never be me.” However, we as a society spend over $60 Billion per year on dieting and weight loss. So, I know that I’m definitely not alone in this, which is why I’m laying it all out there for others to learn from my experience.

This week’s guest, money manifesting expert Cassie Parks, is a bestselling author of multiple books, many of which are on the subject of how to manifest the life and financial situation you desire, such as Manifest $10,000. In my conversation with her, we unpack the reasons so many of us tend to give our money away unconsciously based on our feelings of unworthiness, rather than investing our money intentionally from a place of abundance!

Learn the sneaky ways you might be parting with your money without realizing it, and unconsciously funding the dieting industry rather than creating the financial situation (and life) of your dreams! Also, how to turn that around.

Key takeaways:

  • The sneaky ways we give our money away to the dieting industry

  • The exact breakdown of the $10,000 I spent on dieting and weight loss--you might be surprised how many of these things are in your monthly spend, as well!

  • Cassie Parks’s tips on how to go from being a mindless spender to a conscious investor

  • Why many of our diet and weight loss purchases are motivated by our own feelings of unworthiness

  • Other places in our lives that this type of mindless spending might show up, outside of diet and weight loss

  • Why understanding how you want to feel should be at the root of your investment decisions

  • How to pivot from mindlessly spending money on diet and weight loss to consciously investing in your physical health and well-being

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