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So many of us are striving to create the lives (and the bodies) that we love. But it can get discouraging, because it seems like we’re inundated with examples of women who are having to compromise their health and well-being in order to achieve success in their career, and vice versa. Is it really possible to be successful in business, engaged in your community and family life, and live a healthy lifestyle?

Kopari Beauty co-founder Kiana Cabell

Kopari Beauty co-founder Kiana Cabell

Kiana Cabell, co-founder of Kopari Beauty, is an example that shows us we can have it all! She is an example of a woman achieving low-key, high velocity entrepreneurial and life success. As she prepares to become a mom (like me!), Kiana and I caught up to talk all about how she got to where she is today.

Kiana shares her take on balance when it comes to food, business, and life. She shares how her upbringing on the beaches of Hawaii, and her passion for healthy, natural ingredients shaped her as a person, and as a founder. She talks about the road to success for her brand, which is really cementing its place in the beauty industry, and disrupting long-held notions about what we should expect from natural, organic products.

There’s so much wisdom Kiana shares here that we can all apply to our own experiences!

Key takeaways:

  • Kiana’s childhood, growing up in Hawaii and being raised by her pro surfer (and founder of Chart House restaurants) Dad

  • Kiana’s studies as a chef at a traditional culinary school, and then NYC’s Natural Gourmet Institute

  • How Kiana applies a balanced approach to exercise and food choices

  • Hypnobirthing classes and the ways that Kiana is preparing for motherhood

  • Kiana’s long-time love affair with coconut oil, and how Kiana got her start as an entrepreneur

  • The wisdom of staying low-key when you’re in the process of creating something

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right partners, in business and life

  • Failing forward, and how Kiana’s been able to turn every challenge into learning

  • Why delegating is key to Kiana’s formula for success

  • Believing in yourself, and not letting yourself get in your own way, is the key to creating a  business and lifestyle you love! Go for it.

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