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15,000 girls entered the Torrid Model Search 2017 competition, and we’re now to the final four, in the final few days of their journey (voting ends October 29!). I caught up with Haley Rudolph of Toronto, ON; Seairra Thompson of Berkeley, CA; Sophia Ervin of Dallas, TX; and Julia Rose Miller of Round Rock, TX. Each girl dished about her experience, and what she’s gained from being a part of the competition.

The top four finalists for Torrid Model Search 2017

The top four finalists for Torrid Model Search 2017

Torrid has created a really great mechanism to take young women in our society from the sidewalk to the catwalk with this model search. But more than that, they’ve created a movement that makes all women in our society feel included, and catered to, by the fashion world. No matter what shape, size, skin tone, or age you might be, this model search is a great source of inspiration and body positivity!

Talking to these ladies really took me back to what it’s like to be a plus size teenager in our society, and how meaningful the plus size fashion movement has been in giving these girls a place in society where they “fit,” literally and figuratively! These girls exude body confidence, positivity, and hope for the future. Just hearing their stories can make us all feel a little better in our own skin. We could all use a little more of that!

Key takeaways:

  • Background on the “Torrid Model Search 2017” competition

  • What motivated each girl to want to enter the competition

  • What it felt like for each girl to walk in NYFW

  • What they’ve learned from participating in the competition

  • Each girl’s unique background and perspective, and how that’s helped them in the competition

  • The challenges each girl has overcome in order to succeed in the competition

  • The plans each of these girls has for giving back to society, whether or not they win!

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