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Zlata Sushchik is an award-winning fitness competitor, lifestyle coach, and creator of the Sexyfit Method, who spent more than a decade perfecting a simple five-step method to help every woman experience complete food freedom, create the body she loves, and reclaim her life.

Zlata Sushchik

Zlata grew up in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the U.S. at age 16. From a bullied teen immigrant to a bodybuilder and a beauty pageant queen, Zlata went through her fair share of struggles with yo-yo dieting, extensive gym workouts, and feeling like getting in shape was a full-time job – which, for her, it was. After winning or placing in the top five in more than 26 state, national, and international shows, Zlata was forced to leave her career after experiencing health complications caused by traditional approaches to getting in shape.

In this episode, Zlata and I discuss her journey with dieting and fitness competition, which ultimately has led her to a place of wanting to show her body more love, respect, and care. For Zlata, taking care of her body is no longer about fitting into her skinny jeans, or achieving a standard of perfection--it’s about showing her body as much love as possible! We can all learn from Zlata’s journey, and apply her insights to our own relationship with our bodies!

Key takeaways:

  • Zlata’s experience growing up as a Russian immigrant in the United States

  • The first time someone body shamed Zlata

  • How Zlata got started in (and hooked on) fitness competitions

  • The extreme toll that training for fitness competitions took on Zlata’s body

  • Why Zlata decided to get into coaching and sharing her method with other women

  • The cornerstones of the Sexyfit Method, and why it’s really about emotional freedom, simplicity, accountability, and community, not just aesthetic results

  • How to balance our masculine and feminine energies in attaining Food Freedom

  • Why Zlata believes that every meal is a cheat meal

  • Why you need to be very leary of the supplements being marketed to fitness competitors

  • Why when you’re your true, radiant, amazing best self, you no longer need to worry about what size you are

Mentioned in this episode:

The Sexyfit Method, and the new Sexyfit Method Book

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