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Ginny Gane is a Law of Attraction expert, coach, author, and podcast host. She also studied Kinesiology and worked as a Physical Trainer for many years. She marries up the teachings of Abraham Hicks and classic LOA truths with a deep understanding of how to manifest the relationship with your body that you are seeking!

In this episode, Ginny and I discuss ways to apply the Law of Attraction to consciously creating a routine for you and your body that will get results! We are all tired of yo-yo dieting, rigid meal plans, and complex workout routines that are tough to really put into action. So Ginny demystifies how we can work on a transformation from the inside out!

Whether you’re actively seeking to lose weight, or improve your health, or just feel better in your body, this episode is packed with practical takeaways to help you create a body and a lifestyle that you love!

Key takeaways:

  • Ginny’s journey to discover the Law of Attraction as a Kinesiology student, Athlete, and Physical Trainer

  • Whatever you’re feeling most often is what you’re going to attract, and the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction

  • Creating small shifts in your thoughts so that you can create more of what you want when it comes to your body and your health

  • My “bathtub moment” and how I personally began to change my thoughts so I could create a body and a life that I love

  • If you are taking most of your action from a place of external motivation, it’s tough to create lasting change

  • Ginny’s LOA Action Plan, and four steps to consciously create a routine that brings you more of what you want!

  • It really is as simple as thinking more positive thoughts about yourself than negative ones. Your lifestyle, decisions, actions, and ultimately your experience, will reflect that.

  • Consciously creating a routine that is going to make you feel the way you want to feel, and not just look the way that you want to look (although you can have both!)

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